Table Transformation

When Ken arrived home with this old workbench, I was a little sceptical about how he was going to make the top surface work as a table top as it had had a lot of oil spilt on it. Found in a workshop near Rye back beach it was originally a 900mm high workbench. He doesn’t always do things conventionally but the end results always seem to look amazing. Before he could start on the top he had to re-engineer the base with new supports and legs as the timber on the top was so heavy and to make it the perfect height for a table. Castors were also added as it’s so heavy it can now be moved with ease. After this was finished he could make a start on the top surface. 

The beautiful 40mm thick oregan (from old growth forest) top had years of wear and tear ingrained in it’s surface. The oil spillage on one corner in particular was ‘fixed’ by setting fire to the area (don’t try this at home) but as you can see by the magnificent grain and timber details, it turned out perfectly. He was able to finish the top off so it could be used as a dining table and with at LOT of sanding and some bees wax, voila! It’s a beauty. The final table dimensions were 2.4 metres long and 1.3 metres wide and could comfortably fit 12 chairs around it.

The table is now in a new home with a very happy owner.